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Suspect In Deadly I-17 Wreck Had History Of DUI

Phoenix – On Tuesday morning, a deadly crash that happened on I-17 left one individual dead who was travelling to work on his motorcycle. The accident was caused by 33-year-old… Read more →

58-Year-Old Woman Hit And Killed By Drunk Driver

PHOENIX – A 58-year-old woman died Saturday night due to an individual driving under the influence of alcohol in Glendale, according to the police. The cops told that 34-year-old Erick… Read more →

Agencies Teaming Up To Crack Down On Driving Under The Influence For Phoenix Open

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -As the Phoenix Open is in full swing, agencies from all over the Valley descended on Scottsdale to crack down on drunk driving. The agencies that teamed up… Read more →

Taking Steps To Prevent Nursing Home Abuse In Arizona

Today’s topic written by Aaron Crane, an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Cantor Crane, is a discussion about Nursing Home Abuse. For many people, a time comes when consideration… Read more →

Police Arrest Arizona Man For Suspected DUI

43-year-old Jeffrey Michlitch of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested by Rancho Mirage police Saturday afternoon when he allegedly crashed his car into another while drunk. According to the authorities, the incident… Read more →

Maricopa-County And Uber To Extend Anti-Drinking-And-Driving Campaign

PHOENIX – In an ongoing effort to reduce the number of drunk driving-related accidents in the Phoenix area, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and ridesharing service Uber will extend their… Read more →

Thanksgiving Weekend DUI Arrests Down From 2014 In Arizona

PHOENIX – According to a report released by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the number of DUI arrests made over the Thanksgiving weekend in Arizona this year were… Read more →

Medical Marijuana Cardholders Don’t Have Immunity From Prosecution

PHOENIX – According to the Arizona Supreme Court, medical marijuana cardholders don’t have immunity from prosecution under a state DUI law that prohibits drivers from having any amount of marijuana… Read more →

How Does Driver License Suspension Work In Arizona?

A DUI arrest in Arizona will trigger two separate cases, one is the administrative hearing with the MVD and the second is the criminal case with the court system. Drivers… Read more →

DUI Field Sobriety Tests And How To Refuse Them In Arizona?

Standard Field Sobriety Tests in Arizona are part of the preliminary roadside tests that a police officer will carry out in order to decide if the driver is impaired or… Read more →