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Biggest Win of the MonthState v David P. – Regular DUI, Plead to as Reckless Driving w/ Just a Fine… Client had previously been represented by another attorney, who was about to plea him out to a Regular DUI, before dropping him. Client found me, and I got a Reckless Driving with no jail time, and only a fine.

My Focus is Your Advantage

I have spent my entire career focused on DUI Defense representation, having represented over 1,900 DUI clients in the past 10+ years.

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney, tax attorney, or civil attorney, then I can comfortably say: “I’m not the one for you.”

Coming up with traditional, as well as outside-the-box motions and defenses for my clients, often with good results, is the hallmark of my practice.

Lawyers that say they are “aggressive,” or “will fight for you,” are a dime a dozen. They use these phrases because that is what they think people want to hear. The truth of the matter is, being “aggressive” rarely gets the client anywhere in these court systems. Being “aggressive,” isn’t the same as being good.

The same is true for the lawyers that plaster their face all over the billboards and airwaves. That doesn’t make the lawyers good, that makes them expensive. They have to pass the costs along to their clients for putting their face all over the billboards. They also have to push clients through the system as quick as possible, to get more clients, to help pay for the advertising, to ensure their bank account grows. I am the one that their clients call once the client gets frustrated with their “celebrity” lawyer, either because they aren’t getting represented properly, or they were dropped after the “celebrity” lawyer demanded more money.

What I offer is intelligent, quality DUI defense, at an exceptional price.

I am one of the few Defense Attorneys in Arizona that focuses solely on DUI Defense representation.

I teach other lawyers how to do DUI Defense Representation at statewide seminars, and I produce DUI Legal Guides used by defense lawyers across Arizona.

I have an amazing track record of success for my clients, by thinking outside-the-box, and making arguments for suppression or dismissal that other attorneys have never even thought of. For example, I am the first Arizona Attorney to ever argue Entrapment in a DUI case, and I am one of the first lawyers, if not the first lawyer, who successfully argued the scientific unreliability of retrograde extrapolation (retroactively applying a Blood Alcohol Content to an earlier point in time). This type of argument has since been overturned by the Court of Appeals, which makes me one of the few attorneys to ever successfully argue this issue, resulting in a huge benefit for my client.

DUI is a special area of the law. It is not only important, but imperative to have an experienced DUI lawyer, who focuses his time and energy solely on the practice of DUI Defense.

When you hire The Law Office of Brian Douglas Sloan, you are hiring me, personally, and all my years of experience. You won’t be passed off to a subordinate lawyer, or a fresh-out-of-law-school attorney who will gain their experience at your expense.

My type of representation is hands-on. My clients are given direct access to talk and text me on my personal cell phone number, and can get quick responses from me from my personal email address. My clients know that if they have a question, I am there to answer it, as that is part of my representation.

With my experience and focus on DUI Defense, I have no doubt that I am the best value in town for DUI representation. I offer a Free Consultation, Payment Plans are available, and I offer a type of contract that I call Bifurcated Representation, which allows my client to pay very affordable flat rate fees, with the knowledge that they are not paying for services they are not receiving. My clients never worry about how many hours I am racking up, or paying for services they are not getting. Everything is laid out right up front in an easy to understand description.

Being charged with a DUI is scary. It is not an “intent” crime, no one means to do it, and sometimes people make a mistake… but sometimes innocent people, or people who are doing the right thing, get persecuted by the system.

Many people come to me thinking, ‘I was drinking, and I was driving, so what can you really do for me.’ Sometimes the answer is nothing, and I will honestly inform people of that. But many times there are issues besides drinking and driving. Many times there are legal issues, and factual issues, that the average person – and many lawyers – do not catch, that can make the difference between days, weeks, or years in jail or prison, and absolute freedom. In 2014, I took over a case from the Public Defender. With the Public Defender, the client received a plea offer of 6 years to 7 1/2 years in prison. She was facing 6 to 15 years in prison if convicted. It took some time, but in the end, I was able to get the entire case dismissed.

I have represented many cases that have resulted in suppressed evidence, charges being dismissed, or whole cases being dismissed. I have taken cases over from the Public Defender’s Office, or from other private attorneys, where they didn’t see the same things that I saw, yet when I was retained, that made all the difference. All of the sudden the years in prison turned into days in jail, or the DUI charge turned into ‘All Charges Dismissed.’

While I can’t guarantee success in every case, I can guarantee that you will get all my years of experience put into your representation. You are in good hands with The Law Office of Brian Douglas Sloan on your side.

Call me today for an ‘In Depth’ Free Consultation: (602) 357-8980 or (480) 245-5319.

By Brian Douglas Sloan